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Flourish, a programme of the Grow Great Campaign, is a national network of antenatal and postnatal classes that support, celebrate and empower mothers through the critical first 1000 days of a child’s life.
The first 1000 days of a child’s life (from conception to age two) is an opportunity to establish a foundation for children’s academic success, health and general well-being. Flourish helps moms optimise this window of opportunity in a way that is fun and memorable.

The Flourish journey is a journey of:

  • Companionship, belonging and acceptance
  • Nurturing our changing bodies and the little body (or bodies) growing inside
  • Self-love and self-care
  • Proud mothers, forging our children’s future
  • Bonding with our babies
  • Love, play and growing greatness
A Flourish mom:
  • Knows what it feels like to belong to a community where she is accepted unconditionally
  • Is supported to nurture her changing body and the little body (or bodies) growing inside of her
  • Takes time to love and care for herself
  • Has a clear vision of how her child can reach her/ his full potential
  • Bonds with her baby
  • Loves, plays and nourishes her baby to grow great
A Flourish baby:
  • Is born into a community of belonging and acceptance
  • Grows great in and out of the womb
  • Thrives
  • Has a future full of potential
  • Feels safe and secure
  • Is loved, playful and curious

Our team is united and motivated to make sure that every child has the potential to grow great – to do well in school, to get a good job and to help our nation to grow great too.


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Dial *134* 48333*02# to join a class.