• Want to know the secret to breastfeeding? Put your newborn baby to your breast within one hour of delivery, and ask for help! Get support from a lactation nurse to help you and your baby get a good latch on your nipple. Once you and baby have a good latch, you can take over the world. For many moms and babies, breastfeeding does not happen naturally. It can take time for both of you to
  • Stunting in a nutshell “Early childhood development is one of the most overlooked obstacles to development…The number of permanently stunted children is as important a future predictor of economic performance as many of the things that routinely get measured and reported in The Economist.”  Keith Hansen, Vice President for Human Development, World Bank What’s stunting? Stunting is the impaired growth that children experience because of poor nutrition and repeated infections. Stunting is completely invisible and can
  • Can you drink wine while pregnant? No — no amount of wine, or any other alcoholic drink during pregnancy is considered safe for the baby. Alcohol can interfere with your unborn baby’s brain development and could lead to your baby being born prematurely, with a low birth weight or with foetal alcohol syndrome (FAS). Children with FAS require a lot of educational and behavioural support due the damage done by alcohol to their brain. If
  • “I am Dithoriso Mmathuto Okeletso Mphuthi”, she laughs as she says her three names introducing herself. But Dithoriso, meaning giving praise, is her favourite one. Dithoriso was born to a Christian family, both her parents are pastors, and Christianity has always guided her since her childhood. She was raised by her grandmother in Duduza, in the East Rand, Johannesburg. She describes her childhood as a happy one. Her life took an unexpected turn when she
  • Myth 1: Eating eggs make labour more difficult and make baby too big. Fact: Eating eggs during pregnancy does not influence labour or make the baby bigger. Eggs contribute to dietary variety, and are a very important source of protein, micronutrients and minerals essential for pregnant women (and children over the age of 6 months). Eggs are rich in vitamin E, vitamin A (found in egg yolk) and B12, folate, iron and zinc. Pregnant women

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