Breastfeeding Facts

Want to know the secret to breastfeeding?

Put your newborn baby to your breast within one hour of delivery, and ask for help! Get support from a lactation nurse to help you and your baby get a good latch on your nipple. Once you and baby have a good latch, you can take over the world. For many moms and babies, breastfeeding does not happen naturally. It can take time for both of you to get into the swing of things. Try to be patient with yourself, and your baby. With support and patience, you will both soon be in the swing of things.

Worried your baby’s not getting enough breast milk?

Firstly, breastmilk is super food, so a small amount goes a long way. Unlike formula milk which a baby needs more of for nourishment and fulfillment. Secondly, your baby’s tummy is tiny! In the first 2 days of life it can only manage up to 10ml of breastmilk per feed – that’s 2 teaspoons of breastmilk. Gradually her tummy increases in size and by 6 months can manage around 475ml of breastmilk per feed.

Still worried that your baby is not getting enough breast milk?

If your baby is weeing and pooing, gaining weight and is alert and growing then she is getting enough breastmilk. Take your baby to their monthly clinic and weigh-in visits to monitor their weight gain. By 5 months most babies would have doubled their birth weight, and tripled it by one year.

How can I stimulate breastmilk supply?

By breastfeeding or expressing breastmilk. This is the number one way to keep your breast milk supply up and running. The more your baby suckles, or the more you express your breastmilk, the more breast milk your amazing body will supply.

Sore, cracked nipples?

No problem, just clean them gently with warm water (no soap, as this dries the nipples out) and apply some of your very own breastmilk to the affected area. Breastmilk contains natural healing properties. DO NOT apply petroleum jelly also known as Vaseline to your nipples.

Formula feeding and want to move to breastfeeding instead?

You can! This is called re-lactating. If you are committed to making it work, have the support of those close to you and your baby is eager to breastfeed it is possible to re-lactate. There are 3 main ways to re-lactate; put your baby to the breast so that her suckling can stimulate breast milk flow, use a breast pump to stimulate your flow or do a combination of both.

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